Nightlife in Havana

Havana is a city where dancing is part of the way of life. And the city’s numerous clubs prove it every day. You can move to the pulse of son, salsa, rumba, jazz, Hip-hop and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Here’s a selection of nightclubs, cabarets and discos which draw locals, visitors and musicians together mostly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Gato Tuerto

El Gato Tuerto, intimate bohemian bar and restaurant serves as a window to the music genre "filin" born in the island during the 60's. This club is divided into the upstairs restaurant section and the downstairs stage where artists still perform musica filin (feeling music) and old style boleros. You can also enjoy nueva trova and modern jazz. The music begins around 11.30 pm

Cabaret Parisién

Cabaret Parisién: The Cabaret Parisien is the occasion for an unforgettable night. You will get all the excitment and beauty of a cuban vibrant and extravagant spectacle full of folkloric dance and rythms. Located at the Hotel Nacional, it plays second to the famous Tropicana. The show here is less expensive, and certainly more convenient, if you're staying near downtown Havana.

Habana Café

Habana Café at Meliá Cohiba Hotel has a cabaret show that takes place every night with popular contemporary musicians. Today, Havana Café is the most crowded touristy nightspot in Havana. Decorated in an retro- vintage fashion with American cars from the 50’s. Right before the show you can dance with some salsa and timba DJ rhythms.

Cabaret Tropicana

Cabaret Tropicana is the most famous Cuban nightclub that was built in 1939, and is known as "paradise under the stars" for its lovely outdoor setting.  Its fame drives from the ballet, the circus, the carnival, the boleros and the Cuban rhythms which have made it a haven for shows where countless Cuban and international stars perform. It´s heavyly influenced by  Cuban folklore, the beauty of its dancers, the grace and the quality of its artists. If you decide to go to Tropicana, every hotel and tour agency in Havana can book you a night at the Tropicana Under the Stars Show

Macumba Habana

This outdoor disco draws the chic crowd. Decor is ultramodern. A cabaret precedes the disco; each night has a different theme. The DJ spins contemporary sounds, from hip-hop to salsa. Couples only are permitted entry; singles hang around looking to pair up for entry. Macumba Havana is located at the westernmost area of the city.and it is open until 5am.

Sala Atril

Hip-hoppers, young models, tourists in town, Cuban top jazzmen, famous ballet dancers, top artists in all spheres, a wide vanguard audience, they all come up to the Atril concert hall, without doubt the coolest place in Havana. Its programming ranges from salsa, chill-pop and fusion flamenco all the way to more urban and advanced music tendencies. A must! Shows available Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Jazz Café

Jazz Café is located in Galerías Paseo, less than a 10 min walk to downtown Havana in Vedado. The club is a perfect place to take an afternoon cocktail. It offers amazing views of the ocean and the Malecón seafront. The nights at the Jazz Café feature the best Jazz, Salsa and Timba in town.