Fun Tours

Cuba's cultural wealth and exceptional geography are obvious assets which increasingly attract more and more travelers.

If you are adventurous, romantic, or if you are just one of those people whose vacation must be about getting to know somewhere different rather than just being there, visit Cuba. With its white sand beaches on the north coast and its Caribbean-style beaches on the south, Cuba has tons of new, memorable experiences to offer you.

The island's colonial foundations and its previous economic prosperity left major architectural and urbanistic marks. Several town centers like Old Havana and its Malecon (seafront), other cities and forts - Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba have merited UNESCO's denomination as part of Mankind's Heritage. Conservation of this Heritage is today a priority for Cuba.

With the selection of the right vacation rental home in Havana for your holiday, and ideally choosing two or three trips to make from the capital to the most attractive spots , 2travelcuba will help you enjoy the best that Cuba has to offer

Plan on taking one or several of the tours for a more complete itinerary that takes in half a dozen of the best attractions close to the capital, a potpourri of fun activities:

Vinales Valley

Trinidad Tour

Havana City

Art Havana

Beach trips